t h e    a r t    o f    n a t u r e

b y  Z s o l t  K i s s 

Hey there !


Workshops in Norway (Lofoten) and Iceland are available during the whole year only for groups of min. 2 and max. 8 participants. 

I can also offer "One on one" workshops.

The workshop period and duration is depending on you or depends what the group wants.

My only one request is to anounce me in time (min. 6 months) about your chosen period.


What is included:

1.Ground transportation

2. On field tuition

3. Guidance

4. Accommodations


What is not included:

1. Your flying tickets 

2. Insurance

3. Food and beverages


For any question regarding the details about my workshops please contact me using the following methods:

For contact form click: Here

For email click: Here

Mobile: +40 721 888 230